Setting goal’s one step at a time…

So today was also the first step in my road to a hot body (and getting into shape most importantly.) The first thing I did when I woke up this morning (which was at 7:30, omg!) was take pictures of myself in a sports bra and underwear. I know what a horrible thing to make yourself do, but I really want to watch the progress be made and hopefully be extremely happy with myself in a few months when I look back and see how great I’ve done. I won’t post the pictures because that may be a form of pornography but you’ll just have to imagine and I will tell you about my progress every step of the way. So after that, I was even more motivated to get a move on so I decided I would run outside. The thing that’s so great about running in Chicago is that you get a cross walk every minute or so, so you have plenty of rest! 🙂 But no seriously, I wouldn’t be able to run straight for even 10 minutes right now, so it’s a great way to start. I also really like it because when I run, I find it easiest to set goals. As my heart is on fire and I think I may puke, I say to myself “okay katy, just keep running until that next cross walk and you can stop.) This really helps me and keeps me going. I also like making goals for my overall run. For example today, I ran all the way from my apartment, if any of you know Chicago it’s on Clark and Harrison, to 8th and state, then crossed over to grant park (where I had a minor break on a bench because I really thought I was going to keel over,) and then I said to myself that I was going to run to the art institute and then head home. This gives me motivation to get there, and then I know I’m almost done. I would recommend this for any of you guys just starting to run! I also decided that I’m going to do a new little exercise routine from the website pinterest every time I work out so today I chose this one and I really liked it and could feel it working my obliques. Here are the ones I did today:


 So I also started my healthy eating plan today and I did really well. I won’t go through the specifics, but I’ll give you guys a few tips. Something I learned from my trainer is to always drink either chocolate milk or a protein shake after every work out. This really helps your muscles and it’s delicious, so why wouldn’t you? Also, I’m the kind of girl who can’t stop eating after dinner. This is the absolute worst time for me. I am a night time binger big time. I have gotten in a horrible habit of eating dessert, although it’s usually a skinny cow bar or something low cal (but still not good) every night. But it just doesn’t feel right to not have a morsel at night. So to cut down but still get my fix, I have a solution. It’s this. Non-fat vanilla yogurt, granola, strawberries (and any other fruit you want to add) and since I love chocolate and need it almost every day, either power berries (from Trader Joe’s) or chocolate covered acai berries (from costco.) Mix them all together and you have a yummy, healthy nightly treat! Here is a pic of the ingredients.


If anyone out there is reading this, please let me know what you guys think, what changes you’re making, and if you have any suggestions and/or advice for me!


Good Luck!!


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