Walking in a weight watchers wonderland

It feels like ages since I’ve written anything and I thought I would give you guys a quick sum up on how everything has been going for the past couple of weeks. I’ve tried really hard to push through my “plateau” phase and in my eyes, I’ve succeeded. I actually signed up for weight watchers last  Sunday because I simply feel like I need help when it comes to loosing weight. I really like it so far even though it is a bit difficult. For anyone interested, weight watchers is based of off a points plus value system. Based on your weight and height, you get a certain amount of points everyday. My limit is 26. You also get a number of what some people call “flex” points that you can use however you wish. I get 49 a week. That means if I wanted I could use 7 a day or save them all up for one night when I really want to splurge on a delicious meal and dessert! You also can put in activity points for every time you exercise. Once you run out of flex points (as I already have) you can trade in your activity points for more food points. It’s a really cool system that has obviously worked for thousands of people, specifically Jennifer Hudson, who in my opinion looks absolutely amazing and is one of the most stunning women in Hollywood right now. I recently read that her family has collectively lost over 2,000 pounds on the program! How amazing is that?!  It’s really eye opening to see how and what you eat in one day. It’s not based on calories, rather the amount of fiber, carbs, protein, and fat in the food you’re eating. On Sunday night when I had just signed up, I entered everything I had eaten that day, and in my eyes, what had been a pretty healthy day, I was 20 points over my limit! This shows me that I may be over eating when I don’t even realize it and that may be preventing me from shedding pounds, so I’m really psyched to do this! Exercise wise, I’ve been working out pretty consistently and I have to say, nothing helps me more than having a friend push me to go and go hard once I’m there. Two of my best friends, Cassie and Alexis have worked out with me in the past week and it helps so much. I really recommend finding a work out buddy to get your butt of the couch and onto the bike! Let me know how you guys are doing, and feel free to ask me any questions about weight watchers or anything else!



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