Walking in a weight watchers wonderland

It feels like ages since I’ve written anything and I thought I would give you guys a quick sum up on how everything has been going for the past couple of weeks. I’ve tried really hard to push through my “plateau” phase and in my eyes, I’ve succeeded. I actually signed up for weight watchers last  Sunday because I simply feel like I need help when it comes to loosing weight. I really like it so far even though it is a bit difficult. For anyone interested, weight watchers is based of off a points plus value system. Based on your weight and height, you get a certain amount of points everyday. My limit is 26. You also get a number of what some people call “flex” points that you can use however you wish. I get 49 a week. That means if I wanted I could use 7 a day or save them all up for one night when I really want to splurge on a delicious meal and dessert! You also can put in activity points for every time you exercise. Once you run out of flex points (as I already have) you can trade in your activity points for more food points. It’s a really cool system that has obviously worked for thousands of people, specifically Jennifer Hudson, who in my opinion looks absolutely amazing and is one of the most stunning women in Hollywood right now. I recently read that her family has collectively lost over 2,000 pounds on the program! How amazing is that?!  It’s really eye opening to see how and what you eat in one day. It’s not based on calories, rather the amount of fiber, carbs, protein, and fat in the food you’re eating. On Sunday night when I had just signed up, I entered everything I had eaten that day, and in my eyes, what had been a pretty healthy day, I was 20 points over my limit! This shows me that I may be over eating when I don’t even realize it and that may be preventing me from shedding pounds, so I’m really psyched to do this! Exercise wise, I’ve been working out pretty consistently and I have to say, nothing helps me more than having a friend push me to go and go hard once I’m there. Two of my best friends, Cassie and Alexis have worked out with me in the past week and it helps so much. I really recommend finding a work out buddy to get your butt of the couch and onto the bike! Let me know how you guys are doing, and feel free to ask me any questions about weight watchers or anything else!



Reached your plateau? Don’t worry, I have too.

Two weeks ago today was when I posted my first entry and began my fitness plan. I’ve already reached the dreaded plateau…anyone else with me? Starting it up can just be so hard. I do really well with fitness and eating for a few days and then I’m with friends who make a delicious pizza and offer me spinach artichoke dip…(you know who you are) and it all goes to crap. But don’t give in that easily! Just because you have one bad day of eating, or even one bad meal does not mean that it’s okay to just give up, however, in the words of one of my best friends, Jana Shapiro, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” It’s okay to have that piece of pizza, or some cookies with fondue. Deprivation will just hurt you in the end, however, every day, and every meal is a new chance for you to eat right and make a great decision. So as the New Year gets even closer, I am sticking to my goals and pushing through the plateau. Make it all about the long term goals. The thing that keeps me going, is thinking about how badly I want to look good and most importantly, feel comfortable in a bathing suit over spring break. I also, want to see that goal weight on the scale, so I keep going. But don’t let your long term goals overwhelm you. Saying to yourself, “I want to loose 20 pounds” and expecting it to be gone in 2 weeks is unrealistic and disappointing, so take it one week, one day, one hour, at a time if you need to, and you’ll be much better off. Visual goals really help me and they might help you too. As weird as it sounds, hang a bikini up in your room and next time you head to the freezer for some ice cream, you may think twice. Even hang up pictures of yourself as you make progress. I took a picture of myself today two weeks after my start, and will do it again two weeks from today. This way, I can track my progress and feel proud of myself for all of the hard work I’ve put in. My endurance is already a lot better since my day one run, and I’m taking less frequent/shorter breaks. I’ve started doing weights again after my shoulder surgery this summer and it feels fantastic! I also ripped some Jillian Michaels exercises out of Self magazine, and plan on trying them out! Always keep your eyes open for new routines or snacks that can help you stay motivated and help bring out those results. Please let me know how you guys are doing with your eating and fitness, and remember to just push through that Plateau. Every day is a new day.

One of the pictures from her spread in Self. Her body alone is great motivation!

New doo, new you!

So this post isn’t exactly about clothing per say, but my new hair style and color! I’ve wanted to change up my color for a while now, and red has always lurked in the back of my mind. Since I’m now working as a front desk receptionist at a salon and spa, I decided that now was the time for a change! It was quite a process to become a red-head. First the stylist had to bleach my hair to lift all of the old, dark color out of it. Then came the standard shampoo with a bit of conditioner, then the color, some layers, an amazing blow-dry, and vwa-laa, I felt like a new girl. It is amazing how a new color, cut, style, basically anything new having to do with your hair can make you feel! Have you ever walked out of the salon after an especially great cut feeling like you were literally on top of the world? It’s the best feeling ever! Sadly, I said goodbye to my fantastic blow-dry this morning when I showered, but I have vowed to start watching the stylist who did my hair when she blow-dries her customers so I can pick up her amazing technique. I swear her hands were like magic! So this is my shout out to all of you who have been holding back on their hair, to get something new in the NEW year! Switch it up! It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, but get some new layers put in, some bangs, or for those daring enough-maybe even a bob. Use the lovely Emma Watson for inspiration. Let me know what new things you do with your hair in the new year! Happy 2012 everyone!

(Actually much more red than in this picture! Feeling inspiration yet…?)


Carrots, Water Chestnuts, Broccoli, Oh My.

Hi Everyone.

Okay, so I have a lot to update you on about the fitness and eating plan. I’ve been doing great so far. How is it going for you? Please let me know! Anyways, I have been trying new things a lot lately which is actually fun and exciting! Yesterday, as I said in my last post, my mama came downtown and when we went to lunch I decided to try something I never have before and ordered a turkey burger…DELICIOUS! I cannot believe I haven’t ventured as far as a turkey burger! (piece of advice: when you’re eating any type of burger, remove one half of the bun. This way you still get a bit of the amazing bread, but not as much and it probably cuts the cals in half!) So the turkey burger was amazing and it came with this yogurt dill sauce which just added to the scrumptiousness of it. I was so glad I finally tried this and it’s a brand new healthy option for me, and maybe for you too! Secondly, I just have to rave about the dinner I just had. First of all, if you’re looking for healthy but still yummy options, go to Trader Joe’s. If you’re a college student and making a lot of your own meals, they have so many healthy frozen options that are SO easy to make! I highly recommend their Sweet Teriyaki Glaze frozen chicken. I just had it and it was delicious. I also want you guys to realize how HORRIBLE I am at eating veggies. I’ll have the occasional helping of broccoli, I do love avocado, but that may even be considered a fruit, and sometimes some corn in the summertime. That’s basically the extent of my vegetable palette. But I decided that if I was going to do this, I needed to extend that. So I bought a frozen pack of veggies with broccoli, baby corn (which I actually love), water chestnuts, carrots, and more. I cooked it with a little bit of oil, and can I just tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed it with my chicken?! Oh my goodness, I am in shock. I’m sure my family is too. But the point of me telling you this, is if you are a picky patty like me, try opening your mind and taste buds and trying some new stuff. You may end up really liking it, and it’ll be another healthy option you can add to your list! Having options makes eating healthier so much easier, because you won’t get tired of eating the same old things!

 Mom, Dad, are you fainting?

On to working out…I am so happy because I realized that there is internet downstairs in my building, so I brought my laptop down with me and used the recumbent bike (the one you sit on with a back) and watched an episode of lost (45 minutes.) Not just any episode, but the season 5 finale! As I was biking, I was wiping away tears and some lady was looking at me from outside like I was absolutely crazy. Watching a TV show you are invested in makes the time FLY. I highly suggest this. It will make working out so much easier and less of a chore. I also found this GREAT website for body toning techniques. There is a cartoon drawing of a woman and you can pick different spots on her body that you want to focus on. Click on wherever it is, and it will give you a ton of exercises that will target that specific spot. I worked on my thighs. I did the “small dog”-can feel it working like crazy, and the “inner thigh sculptor”-also really amazing. Try these and know that your thighs are being sculpted! Did anyone try those ab exercises from the other day? My obliques are still sore! Soreness=success! Please let me know how your fitness and eating plans are going! I would LOVE to hear.


How far will you push it?

Hi Ya’ll,

Do I have the authority to use the term “ya’ll” since I’m not from the south? Well, I’m using it anyway because I love it. Has anyone been experimenting or pushing their fashion to the limit? I hope you are trying some new things. Yesterday my amazing mama came downtown to spend the day with me, and as usual when we are together, we went shopping. Not necessarily for ourselves, but when you spot something you love, sometimes you just can’t pass it up. For instance, this amazing cropped sweatshirt from free people (on sale of course) that I got. I love it, I love it, I love it. Look at those amazing sleeves! The embroidery on the sleeves are velvet and the rest is a sheer material. So different! That’s what I love about free people. So today I paired it with some black skinny jeans and a pair of boots. Cute, but BORING. In my defense, I was going to work where I have to dress pretty normal, but if it was a day at school or a night out, I would have thought more out of the box and maybe paired it with a cute skirt and tights and mixed and matched a little more. The sweatshirt is already navy, so what pop of color can I throw in to make the outfit a little more exciting? These are the things I’m trying to remember to ask myself before I throw on what I normally would. What are you asking yourself when you pick out an outfit? Let me know!

 What would you pair with this top?

Setting goal’s one step at a time…

So today was also the first step in my road to a hot body (and getting into shape most importantly.) The first thing I did when I woke up this morning (which was at 7:30, omg!) was take pictures of myself in a sports bra and underwear. I know what a horrible thing to make yourself do, but I really want to watch the progress be made and hopefully be extremely happy with myself in a few months when I look back and see how great I’ve done. I won’t post the pictures because that may be a form of pornography but you’ll just have to imagine and I will tell you about my progress every step of the way. So after that, I was even more motivated to get a move on so I decided I would run outside. The thing that’s so great about running in Chicago is that you get a cross walk every minute or so, so you have plenty of rest! 🙂 But no seriously, I wouldn’t be able to run straight for even 10 minutes right now, so it’s a great way to start. I also really like it because when I run, I find it easiest to set goals. As my heart is on fire and I think I may puke, I say to myself “okay katy, just keep running until that next cross walk and you can stop.) This really helps me and keeps me going. I also like making goals for my overall run. For example today, I ran all the way from my apartment, if any of you know Chicago it’s on Clark and Harrison, to 8th and state, then crossed over to grant park (where I had a minor break on a bench because I really thought I was going to keel over,) and then I said to myself that I was going to run to the art institute and then head home. This gives me motivation to get there, and then I know I’m almost done. I would recommend this for any of you guys just starting to run! I also decided that I’m going to do a new little exercise routine from the website pinterest every time I work out so today I chose this one and I really liked it and could feel it working my obliques. Here are the ones I did today:


 So I also started my healthy eating plan today and I did really well. I won’t go through the specifics, but I’ll give you guys a few tips. Something I learned from my trainer is to always drink either chocolate milk or a protein shake after every work out. This really helps your muscles and it’s delicious, so why wouldn’t you? Also, I’m the kind of girl who can’t stop eating after dinner. This is the absolute worst time for me. I am a night time binger big time. I have gotten in a horrible habit of eating dessert, although it’s usually a skinny cow bar or something low cal (but still not good) every night. But it just doesn’t feel right to not have a morsel at night. So to cut down but still get my fix, I have a solution. It’s this. Non-fat vanilla yogurt, granola, strawberries (and any other fruit you want to add) and since I love chocolate and need it almost every day, either power berries (from Trader Joe’s) or chocolate covered acai berries (from costco.) Mix them all together and you have a yummy, healthy nightly treat! Here is a pic of the ingredients.


If anyone out there is reading this, please let me know what you guys think, what changes you’re making, and if you have any suggestions and/or advice for me!


Good Luck!!

Feeling like a hot (but really cold) commodity

Hi Guys!

How was everyone’s first day of stepping up their fashion game? Did anyone join me? Probably not, but that’s alright-hopefully I will gain more readers as time goes on. Anyways, I loved my outfit today. I wore a missoni look a like dress that’s actually from Forever 21, but EVERYONE asks me if it’s either missoni or missoni from target. I should really lie and say that it’s real missoni, but I love surprising people and telling them how cheap it really is! I paired that with a pair of plum tights and tied it all together with an amazing pair of loafer heels from nordstrom that are SO cute, but hellish to walk in. I even tried something I never do, and wore a lip stain today. I didn’t really like it with the outfit, but I’ll definitely wear it again with something else. I also wore two pieces of jewelry from Akira that I am constantly getting compliments on. One is an old fashioned looking clock necklace, and one is this really jagged edged ring with gold chains built in. I don’t know about anyone else, but getting dressed up makes me feel so much better about myself, and definitely not as drowsy and sluggish as I do when I wear sweats. (Don’t get me wrong though, there are definitely the right days for them.) So today, when I walked out the door, I felt like a hot commodity, even though it was 30 degrees…did anyone else feel like a hot commodity today? Tell me about it!!


 Here’s the outfit minus the jewelry-I hadn’t put that on yet!

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