Fitness Frenzy

Hi all.

So like I said, this blog isn’t just about fashion! It’s about fitness too. So starting tomorrow, Thursday, December 15th, I will begin eating healthier and working out more consistently. Join me? I know this is a hard time to start a healthy lifestyle with the holidays coming up, but why not start tomorrow? My best friend, Cassie, always tells me the sooner the better, and why wait until another monday rolls around, so I’m taking her advice and starting now. That said, I’m looking for some advice from you guys. I am one of the pickiest eaters ever, so it really is a struggle for me to eat well. This is where you come in. I am looking for some healthy and fun meals and snacks to keep me on the right track. Any suggestions? Also, I am looking for fun work out routines and ideas to keep me motivated when it comes to the gym! Here is some of my ideas for anyone out there willing to join me.

Healthy snacks:

Apple and peanut butter. (organic if possible)

Peppers and a little bit of fat free ranch dressing.

Strawberries and splenda.

A Smoothie. (I make a mean smoothie. Strawberries, half a banana, blueberries, mango, orange juice, agave honey, and ice.)

Wheat thin crackers with avacado and mozerella cheese melted on top. (Never tried this, but it actually sounds good)

Yogurt with granola and fruit.

Advice for having fun while working out:

Read! I read my nook,and it helps pass the time.

Listen to music (obviously)

I’m stumped…help me not get bored!

Before and after

Wow! If she can do it, we can!

(Pictures taken from pinterest. If you are looking for even

more motivation, visit pinterest fitness section.)

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Be proud of yourself after every work out 🙂                                          Motivation!


My current sense of style in a few photographs




I chose these pictures to share just to give you readers a little taste for what I look like, and what my sense of style is. I obviously love dresses and skirts (they’re the most comfy.) Although you can’t tell too much in these pictures, I love color! Not much of my clothing are in neutral colors. I love quirky designs and prints and things that catch my attention while I’m browsing through a clothing rack. Share with me what you like about my wardrobe and what you like about yours! I’d love to hear 🙂

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